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BODE reads POETRY #4


Lost Weekend München
Schellingstraße 3 80799 Munich Germany

He's back. By popular demand, Bode reads again. :)

Following his three performances during the winter, this once-only event is neither an encore ('I don't do repetitions.') nor a 'best of' selection – but, as always, freshly prepared, al fresco, sushi-like, new. Of course, some things remain the same: punning on 'free', the title is both an invitation to a walk-right- in, no-fees- charged public poetry reading (like in 'free concert') and a call, an appeal, to free poetry – from the classroom, from the lecture-hall, from institutional constraints.

LOST WEEKEND was the congenial venue where liberated poetry took its abode for three enchanting nights in winter – now walk right in for a magic summer night of 'dancing in the moonlight'! Christoph Bode will unlock the prison-cells of the dungeon of academia again and read, perform and bring to life poems by various British, American, and Irish poets – PLUS some prose, too, this time!

Bring friends and relations, partners and significant others and fill the place for two (or three…) hours of convivial fun. Experience poetry NOW. (And prose, too!) Take the chance of this one Friday night, and maybe you can transform it into a weekend that is not lost.

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